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Who is Brenda Johnson-Perkins? What can she offer to the local community? Here is all that you need to know about her professional speaking and coaching.

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Introducing Curating Connections

Many authors, leaders, thinkers, and movers often don’t get the chance to share their ideas and foster initiatives, thanks to the lack of platforms. Curating Connections aims to change that. Brenda Johnson-Perkins leads and manages talks and discussions to leverage local potential into community action.

If you need a space to form bonds and engage the community, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk about it!

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Brenda Johnson-Perkins My Online Portfolio

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Community Connector

Brenda has been working with community leaders to foster sustained dialogue with the aim of creating initiatives for empowerment.

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Discussion Moderator

As a speaker, Brenda collaborates with other community speakers to drive fruitful and dynamic discussions and propagate ideas.

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Author Interviews

Bringing both established and new local authors to the forefront is part of Brenda’s mission to generate community empowerment.

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Brenda Johnson-Perkins

Podcast Host

In her own podcast, Brenda talks about great picks from her local library that may enrich the minds of young and old individuals.

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Spotlight on Community Heroes

Not all heroes wear capes. That is all the more true when you check out Brenda’s talks about community movers who change lives.

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