• Brenda Johnson-Perkins works as a Librarian and Adult Services Coordinator for the Baltimore County Public Library. For 21 years, she has advocated for marginalized communities and racial equality, using communication as the medium for open dialogue, intellectual exchange, and the fostering of community action.

    She Is A

    • Discussion Moderator
    • Podcast Host
    • Community Engager
    • Collaborator in Local Community Efforts
    • Promoter of Community Movers


    She finds fulfillment in providing diverse groups of people with the information they need to achieve their goals. This includes:

    • Identifying community needs
    • Connecting library resources and community members to fulfill those needs
    • Teaching and leading staff
    • Directing resources to reach people where they are

    This strategic blend of abilities combined with a focus on the “big picture” distinguishes her from others in her field. She is also proficient in staff training, relationship building, programming, promoting diversity, engagement outreach, teamwork, change management, continuous learning, and materials and services.

    She has the organizational ability, keen perception, passion, and energy to unify people of various backgrounds and personalities, creating sustainable partnerships to achieve positive change.


    • MA degree in African American Studies – Comparative Black Literature from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    • MLS from the University of Maryland at College Park
    • Maryland Library Leadership Institute Graduate
    • Spectrum Scholar 

    If you need a professional speaker to lead talks, conduct interviews, and moderate panel discussions, you can work with Brenda-Johnson-Perkins.

    Learn more about her work and collaborations by contacting her today.